Bio9ventures 'Bring About'
Meta Intelligence Ecosystem


AI Sciences

Integrating physiological input (auditory, oral, visual, tactile, …) and central nerve system + brain to remote/non-invasive stratified diagnosis/intervention at individualized level. Learning and Training Intelligence to augment and leverage on the foundation of physiological and psychological bases.

AI Engineering

Scientific evidence based driven engineering design. Learning and Training intelligence agent with fully accountability in Medical Physics and Sciences. System Design will not be restricted within the Engineering Domain

Validation & Integration

Characterization of diseases at individualized level instead of generalization for a pre-determined grouping. Tracking physiological and behavioral over time is done at individualized level. Ensemble of individual models to refine classification and/or discover new stage/classification for population across different geographic distribution

AI Connect

Implement Intervention/rehabilitation strategy at fully digital ecosystem level with modular process for continuous process optimization. The infrastructure of the fully digital ecosystem permits research and operation activities to concurrently grow and dynamically updating the ecosystem.


Support both Entrepreneurs and Investors within our Ecosystem as a Service model, supporting high-yielding investments and serve as access point to accelerate deal flow.

AI Operations

More Augmented Intelligence than Artificial Intelligence. To consolidate resources, learnings, and talent in one place, create and implement a unified vision and strategy, standardize the platforms, processes, and approach, scale data science efforts and make accessible to every initiatives and collaboration, speed up innovation and identify new revenue opportunities.